Happy New Year!

Well, folks. 2019 is officially a year of the past! This year kicked my butt in the best possible ways. It led me back to my passions and encouraged my dreams of the future. It gave me a lot of firsts and the taste of new dreams that I now file under the life-long category….

The Past Few Weeks

So I went on an unplanned hiatus for about two months. Here’s what happened! After the show closed, we went on Thanksgiving break. Not much happened for a few days, it was just a lot of me sitting around and playing computer games, writing some creative fiction stories and baking like crazy. Then, for three…

Opening Week!

Wow wow wow. We did it, guys! We opened the show! This week was really rough, what with the rehearsals, set builds, and fight calls until 6pm and the piles of homework that I’ve been ignoring (sorry mom) because of this hellish tech week. But! The whole cast and our director made it out alive….

Wicked Week

Happy Sunday everyone! I know this post is nearly a week late, but it’s been extremely hectic for me lately. Almost every day this week has had a crisis or crisis averted paired with it. In this post, I’m just going to go through the week I had, leading up to the opening night of…

Here’s What’s Been Happening

  So uh…hello there. We all know we haven’t posted in a while and yes, yes, I should be ashamed. But! I have very good explanations, all of which are conveniently listed below. Extremely Valid Excuse #1: The show is opening in a few weeks and omg! I’m so far from ready!! Okay not really,…