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Senior Spring

Upbeat: Tongue Tied- Grouplove The first taste of freedom when you get on the highway at 9 am, set off for your first day at the beach. Getting there and spending the whole day blasting music through a bluetooth speakers and flirting with guys at the snack bar who you’re never going to see again because they say they’re from Ohio. Singing your favorite song … Continue reading Senior Spring

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Placed On Pause

Hey y’all! So with all this craziness in the world, my teachers have been getting creative with their assignments. Many of them post discussion boards about ways that we’re staying safe and sane, switching constantly between fun videos to make and deep conversations about the current state of the world to have. For drama, our last two performances were canceled for a show we worked … Continue reading Placed On Pause

Social Distancing

Welcome to the Apocalypse Day 8 folks! I’m going insane. Last Friday, my school district ordered for all schools to switch to at-home, online schooling to combat the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The school had an odd tinge in the air, a mixture of fear and excitement from almost everybody on campus. It had been raining all week, so it felt like the very … Continue reading Social Distancing